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2018 Wrap-Up: Reflection and

2018 was quite a year for me!

What Happened This Year:

  • In the Spring I started fundraising for my future service dog Hartley! Check us out here.
  • In July, I went to Washington DC for a week by myself for the Alternatives 2018 conference.
  • I wrote several more articles for The Mighty! Check them out here.
  • This fall I decided that I wanted to return to UNT to finish pursuing my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. I was accepted back into UNT for the Spring 2019 semester as a pre-Social Work major.
  • In December I graduated from Collin College with my Associate of Arts Degree.
  • With the help of my parents and a friend of mine from UNT, I found a girl who was looking to sublease her space in a 4-bedroom apartment for the spring semester. I looked into it, saw the apartment, met the girls who will be my roommates, and signed the lease. I now have an apartment that’s right off campus to live in for Spring and Summer 2019.

What’s Coming Up In 2019?

  • I hope to get back into the swing of writing more regularly for Zealous Zebra. I’ve been working on topic ideas and getting a schedule together with my friend Sara from Sara Strives so I’m hoping that once the weather warms up (and my seasonal depression subsides more), I’m in a new environment and back in a more regular routine, that I’ll be able to post more frequently.
  • I’ve been growing my Instagram following this year and that’s something I’m really excited about! I can’t remember the exact number of followers I started out with at the beginning of this year, but it was somewhere in the mid-300’s. As of today I have 440 followers on Instagram! Follow me there to see more regular content updates!
  • I move into my new apartment in Denton on January 9th! Then school starts on the 14th. I’m super excited for this new chapter of my life and I can’t wait to update you all once I get all settled in!

My Word For 2018 Was “Forgiveness”

Forgiveness was a good word choice for this year. I forgave myself for the 3 rough years I had prior. I forgave myself for slipping a little bit with my eating disorder again this year. Then I continually forgave myself for not being the “perfect” person that my perfectionistic self expects me to be. I forgave myself for caring so much about what others think of me and vowed to work on placing my values and own opinions of myself above the opinions and judgements of others.

My Word For 2019 is “Resilience”

I chose this word for 2019 because this year I want to take my new opportunity by storm! I want to take the resilience I’ve already shown in regards to my recovery and improving my grades to an even bigger level when I move back to Denton. This is my opportunity to really prove (if only to myself) that I can handle life and handle school and handle “normalcy” more-so on my own.

This is my 3rd time “away” at school in 6 years and I feel more prepared than I ever have. I have my car, which I didn’t have the first time. I’m keeping all my same doctors, therapists, etc, which I didn’t do either of the last 2 times. This time, I’m 3.5 years in recovery from my eating disorder and I’m honestly doing really well. I’m not living by myself this time, but I also don’t have to share a bedroom or a bathroom with anyone else. Everything is lining up perfectly. Now it’s up to me to make sure it all goes well.

Happy New Year!

So here’s to a new year. New opportunities, experiences, friends, and lessons. Here’s to personal growth. Here’s to everything we ever wanted and everything we never knew we ever needed. Happy New Year!

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