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Simple Gestures Mean The Most: BPD Edition

I have a friend I’ve known since I was 10. For the sake of this article, I’ll call him Riley.

Take Me Back In Time

We went to school together from grades 4-8 and re-connected over text message in high school. Riley and I have talked off and on for the last 7 or 8 years. It’s been difficult for us to keep in touch consistently over the years due to both of our schedules being so busy both during high school and in college.

We recently re-connected over text again and have been talking for the last 6 weeks or so. It’s been a rough few weeks for me lately with my mental health and everything. Not because of Riley, but just because of crummy timing and life’s circumstances. He’s been super helpful to me these last few weeks though! Other than having the patience of a saint, he’s been super understanding of my moody-ness and has been great about working with my BPD and reassuring me about things and when I ask him to.

Sweet Gesture

There is 1 particular thing he’s done for me lately that I appreciate more than anything else. I wanted to educate him about my Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), so I sent him a few articles from The Mighty that were written by others and asked if he’d read them when he had some time. A couple days later he texted me back saying that he’d read the articles and learned a lot and he thanked me for sharing the articles with him. That truly meant so much to me, knowing that he cared enough to read the articles and to learn about BPD so that he can better support me going forward. For me it’s little gestures like this that really impact me and improve my relationships with those I care about.

Lesson To Others

My lesson to others, especially loved ones of someone with a mental or physical illness is that it really doesn’t take a big action to make a huge impact on the person you care about. Read articles. Ask questions. Offer to help. Ask if your loved one is okay and be there to listen when they reply back. Make time for the person you care about. The simple act of Riley reading those few articles and really paying attention to them and gaining insight from them meant and still means everything to me. It probably took…maybe 10 minutes for him to read all of them. But the fact that he took the time out of his busy day to do that made an impact on me. It really is the little things in life that mean the most.

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