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My First 2 NAMI Presentations!

So I had my first 2 NAMI presentations this week! The 1st was to a group of teachers of Talented and Gifted students at a conference and the 2nd was to a class of high school seniors. They both went really well and I’m glad to have my first couple of presentations under my belt, especially my first presentation to students! I will say this, presenting to students is (for a large part) a very different ballgame compared to presenting to parents or teachers. It can be a lot more difficult to get students to ask questions, though when they do ask questions, they tend to be very insightful. The students are good at answering questions we ask them, such as “why might someone be hesitant to seek out treatment for a mental health condition”, it’s just that they seem more reluctant to ask questions themselves, which may (at least in part) be because they’re in front of a classroom full of their peers.

Overall these first couple of presentations went very well and I’m glad to be on my way to doing more of them. Public speaking is one of my most significant passions in life and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to volunteer with NAMI Dallas giving the young adult portion of the Ending The Silence presentations.

If you are interested in volunteering for NAMI and seeing what opportunities may be available in your area, please check out NAMI’s national website and look through the Get Involved section or check out Find Your Local NAMI.

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