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What’s Wrong with Needing Attention?

What’s wrong with a person wanting or needing attention? People use “you’re just looking for attention” as if that’s always a bad thing. What’s wrong with a person needing attention from others? Or wanting attention from a specific person or group of people? Are there more or less appropriate ways to go about getting the attention someone wants? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t feel that wanting or needing attention in and of itself is inherently a bad thing.

For me personally, the right kind of attention from people translates as being approval from that person. For a non-descript example, there are certain people in my life that I’d love more attention from, more Facebook and Instagram comments/likes from, more time being able to talk to, etc, because to me, that means they approve of me. Not that life is all about being liked or approved of by people that you aren’t close to (even if you wish you were close/closer to them), but it still feels really good to feel as though people you like or are close to (or wish you were close to) approve of you.

So what’s wrong with wanting attention from someone? What’s wrong with needing attention in general? What’s wrong with wanting someone to like you as a person or wanting them to approve of you? I don’t understand how these basic needs and desires have have come to be construed as such bad aspects of humanity.

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    Elizabeth Conrad
    April 18, 2018 at 5:44 am

    I agree 100%.

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