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Update: NAMI-Dallas & ManeGait Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Hey everyone! So I thought I’d make an update post about some new stuff going on for me! I’m almost done with the process of training & getting my part of the NAMI-Dallas presentation done & ready to do a mock-presentation for in front of the NAMI-Dallas staff & 1 of their volunteers! Once I do the mock-presentation & the NAMI-Dallas staff helps me edit any part of it that needs final editing, I get to officially start doing my Young Adult Presenter portion of the Ending The Silence presentations for students, teachers, &/or parents!!! I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting a long time for the right point in my life to come to pursue this kind of opportunity so I couldn’t be happier right now!

Also, I’m *pretty sure* I’ve been accepted into ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship‘s program as a rider! Because of my disabilities (mental, physical, & developmental), I decided to apply to ride through their program. I rode horses for about 4 years back when I was younger, prior to middle school or so. However, now, with my POTS & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I can’t ride like I used to. I can’t do the vigorous riding or serious training like I used to do. My body needs to build its exercise tolerance back up again before I can do anything very serious like jumping or riding at faster speeds on the horse. ManeGait will be able to accommodate this & help me learn to ride for strength & better mobility, vs competition & training. They will help me slowly & carefully build up my exercise tolerance & physical abilities in a safe, careful, slow, healthy, monitored way, so that I don’t get injured or cause my heart rate to go too high. The staff & volunteers ate ManeGait are specially trained and certified to work with people like myself with disabilities like mine & also with people with disabilities all along the spectrum. I miss riding horses more than anything else in the world from back in my “healthy” days. If it’s true that I’ve been accepted into ManeGait’s program, I’ll finally have my chance to get that part of my life back again. Which, more than just being a physical benefit to me, will be a huge mental benefit to me as well! I can’t wait to hear back from them to make sure I’ve been accepted & to get on their schedule! Oh, good things!!!

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